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July 30-August 4
Sooke, BC

LIT Campers - 32 Spots
Young Campers - 66 Spots


Camp Misawannee is an overnight camp for girls grade 4-7 (Campers) and grade 8-9 (LITs) held at the property of Camp Barnard in Sooke, BC.  Campers and LITs will be assigned cabins, mentors, and welcomed with friendly smiles.  The girls will start their  day with morning Mass and then a hearty breakfast to prepare them for crafts, drama and sports.  Group activities focusing on teamwork and leadership will be spent on the lake canoeing, paddle boarding and during sports activities like archery and hikes.  Throughout the day, every participant will have the chance to go to confession and work on their secret angel gifts.  Each girl will be assigned a mentor among the experienced staff who will spend some time chatting 1:1 with the girls throughout the camp.  A new camp wide activity each day involving all the campers sparks healthy competition between the cabins.  After dinner every day, all campers will gather at the campfire for the highlight of the camp: huddling around the warm fire to pray the rosary, followed by campfire songs and snacks.  Before the last day of camp, cabins will present their skit and end the night with a talent show and dance party!

Our camp focuses on fostering important skills and virtues to form our youth into leaders of the future.  Girls in grades 8-9 are our LITs - leaders in training.  Their program incorporates activities that are more centred around growth in leadership skills.  They will have opportunities to attend meditations, brainstorm activities and lead the younger campers, putting what they learn into practice!

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